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We specialise in tools that save farmers time and money! How?

Our three products create a virtual engineering workshop. And best of all, they are based on the machinery that most farmers already have!

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All New MIX-It Range (Adjustable range of Tees, Elbows & Reducers)
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New 1" Adjustable Joiner Available
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Quick-Clamp Pliers
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Our Products

PRACTool, the makers of the revolutionary SUPER Drill brings you two more time saving and cost effective solutions for on-farm maintenance and repairs.

First there was…


empowers a standard drill press to have the capability of a professional engineering drill that can make holes up to 50mm (2 inches) in steel. SUPER Drill - the only drill bit you need over 1/2 inch. More Info

Then came...


that can clamp any size from a small fuel line to a patch on a 44-gallon drum. If you can get wire around it, you can CLAMP-IT! More Info



the easiest and cheapest way to join or repair poly pipe. Used in conjunction with the CLAMP-IT Tool, the CLAMP-IT Joiner just won't let go. More Info


And now to complement the existing products we have the new...

CLAMP-IT Mix-it Range &

Quick Clamp Pliers